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Czechia Less Travelled: Let’s hike to the smallest town in Europe and more!


Kč440 with the Discovery Pass!

When: 22.04.2017

This bus trip combines hiking in one of the cleanest parts of Czechia with some really interesting sightseeing and history! Join us and you will have a wonderful day away from the city!

You can choose from two different trails – an easier one (not easy though!), called Hobby Hike and a more challenging one, called Sport HikePlease read the description below carefully before selecting your hike option.


MEETING TIME & LOCATION: Saturday April 22 at 7:45 am, in front of the Hotel Akcent, Stroupeznickeho 1, metro B Andel, exit Na Knizeci (see photo)

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Hello Discoverers!

I would like to invite you to a bus trip which combines hiking in one of the cleanest parts of Czechia with some really interesting sightseeing and history!

You will have a choice of two different trails – an easier one (not easy though!) and a more challenging one. I believe that this will help us to accommodate different preferences within the group and make everyone as happy with the trip as possible!

I have carefully researched both trails on the ground and can safely say that this will be a special trip! It is a very beautiful, quiet, clean and interesting area to visit!


This part of western Bohemia, located between Plzen (Pilsen) and Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), is one of the least populated places in the country. Interestingly, it has been proclaimed an Area of Dark Night Sky, because of its super low level of light pollution.




  • Rabstejn nad Strelou/upon Strela is with its 23 (!) permanent residents the smallest historical town in the whole of Europe! If this is not a big enough reason for you to visit it, then you should know that it has two castle ruins, a baroque chateau and church, former monastery, old timber framed cottages, stone bridge from 14th century and all of that set in a very picturesque scenery. A must-see!
  • Hiking along the romantic valley of the Strela River Hike along gently murmuring little river running fast through forest. Quiet, no cars, just tranquility and birds singing.
  • Manetin – a charming little town (population 1200) with a plethora of baroque buildings, most notably the Manetin chateau dominating the town square.
  • Company of friendly international people from Discovering Prague meetup group!



Please read attentively!

We will meet at 7:45 am on Saturday 22nd of April, meeting location will be announced soon, probably outside of the metro A station Hradcanska. Arrival of the bus is scheduled for 8:00 am. Please be in time because the bus most likely won’t be able to park at the pick-up location for very long! Journey planner will help you to plan your morning travel :-)

The journey to the hike’s starting point in Rabstejn takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We will first walk together as one group along the educational trail around Rabstejn upon Strela. It is about 2 km long and leads from top of the town, where the castle is to the bottom of the river Strela canyon and back again.

We will have about an hour to walk it.


Then (at around 11:00 am) we will split into two groups:


THE FIRST GROUP, will continue along the blue hiking trail. This group will have about 4 hours to walk 10 km to Manetin where they will have about 1,5 hours for sightseeing and chilling out. Inspired by triathlon races, I call this hike option “Hobby” (Please note: It is still a Hike, not a walk or stroll).

Difficulty: Easy to Medium (includes uneven terrain and almost 300 metres of elevation difference) – manageable by a healthy city-dweller/office worker who is used to walking,  exercises at least once a week and is able to cope with minor discomfort e.g. bathroom “al fresco”.

Length: 12 km

PLEASE NOTE: The actual difficulty of the trail will depend on the weather on the day and a few days before the event. If it’s dry, it will be ‘Easy’, if it’s wet, it will be ‘Medium’. You will get an update 2-3 days before the trip.


THE SECOND GROUP will take a longer path leading along the romantic canyon of the river Strela. Your task will be to hike 15 km to Manetin in about 5 hours. It might seem quite a lot of time but believe me, the trail is rather challenging. Besides, you will want to stop now and then to enjoy the scenery. There will be only one place along the route where you can get food&drink but please do not rely on that- bring packed lunch with you, including a source of quick energy e.g. chocolate bar etc.

I call this hike option “Sport”. However, you have no need to worry. As long as you follow your guide’s instructions, you will have an enjoyable day spent in one of the most charming places in the CZ.

Difficulty: Medium to Challenging. Uneven narrow forest trails, at places blocked by boulders and fallen trees, muddy – suitable only for people who have hiked at least 15 km (10 miles) in nature before and are able to keep a reasonable walking pace.

Length: 17 km

PLEASE NOTE: The actual difficulty of the trail will depend on the weather on the day and few days before the event. If it’s dry, it will be ‘Medium’, if it’s wet, it will be ‘Challenging’. You will get an update 2-3 days before the trip.

Lunch: Bring packed lunch and water.

The bus will pick us up in Manetin and should arrive in back at Zlicin by 7:00 pm


Price: 490 CZK or 440 CZK with the Discovery Pass (just add your coupon at the checkout)

This includes comfortable transport by bus chartered for our group.

For info about refunds please see our Cancellations and Refunds Policy.


I’m looking forward to discovering Czechia with you!




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